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LisaLess: The Tech Forum Texas Recap show -

1. Keynote thoughts on Adam Bellow -

Greg - warm, funny, engaging but certainly not “soft.” He tackles things head-on

Debbie - Inspired the teachers I brought while at the same time making them uncomfortable about what they need to do.

Carl - Fast and controversial.  Some of my admin disagreed with some of what he said. (I’ll explain further)

2. Sessions attended/presented

Debbie - Lisa Carnazzo and Lisa Johnson. App Smashing with Miguel. STEM/Maker Space with Juan, etc.

Greg - Making Soft Skills Visible with @TracyClark08; attended two change/leadership panels

Carl - Presented on a “which device is right for you” panel and “social media” panel and watched Greg and Tracy’s preso.

3. Overall experience (for yourself or for teachers that attended too)

Carl - Always a great event.  Not too big. Not too small. There is a sense of urgency out there and pressure to get more devices in districts. (led to some tension)

Debbie - From the teacher point of view: They were treated as professionals much more so that at other conferences. Time for learning is maximized. Great opportunity to spend time with colleagues and other professionals. Choosing sessions is not a time suck.

Greg - certainly one of my faves. Incredible people and high-level yet accessible conversations/ideas. Still hoping for better wifi connectivity (as with almost any conference)

4. Bonus - Any app/tool takeaways?

Carl - Keynote tweet script (go to try this out)

Debbie - What I loved was that there wasn’t a lot of emphasis on apps and how to use a particular app.

Greg - $5 says there’s no way we get this far in less than 15 min

Outtro song -

"Weird Science" by Oingo Boingo

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