iVengers Radio 2.4 - Connected Educator Month


1.  What is a connected educator?

Mentioned @gcouros one who masters new literacies and provides a platform for students to do the same

Someone who both shares and curates content

2. What are some tools to get educators better connected?

Lisa- Facebook ;) or Canva or Pinterest  email? - https://www.canva.com/ and http://facebook.com/techchef4u and http://www.pinterest.com/techchef4u/ipad-lessons/

Carl- Twitter - chats are a great source - #txed for example

Greg- meetups like EdTech Austin or EdTech Women

3. What are some challenges to getting teachers connected?

Carl- Time

Greg- will

Fluberoo Script

Lisa- they need to see the personal benefit - in person - Tanna

Outtro Music -

"Connected" by Elastica

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